THE HISTORY OF THE Rev. John W. Stair Memorial Library

 Our Librarian and long term member, Ruth McCarter, began her library career as a volunteer with the Sevier County library system. Ruth worked in the library system for eighteen years gaining much experience in setting up and maintaining a library system preparing her for her next step, that of Grace Baptist Church Librarian. It was stared in 2002 when Mrs. Earle Stair asked Ruth to start a library for Grace Baptist. Ruth took up the challenge of organizing the Rev. John W. Stair Memorial Library. Mrs. Stair donated the memorial plaque. Ruth and her husband, Tom, installed the book shelves July 4, 2002. Ruth and Tom McCarter and Mary Kilzer are the Library Committee.

The Library Committee works to provide inspirational materials for all ages to build our faith and lift our spirits. While books are the main thrust of the library, it has evolved into providing other media to study and learn from including CDs and DVDs. We have recorded Grace Church services on VHS from 1997 and now record them on DVD. You can check them out at any time.

To apply for a Grace Library card, you need to be a Sunday school and/or church member. Books and CDs can be checked out for two weeks while DVDs are for one week.

We do appreciate donations to the library both financial and acceptable books, CDs, DVDs and other literature. All book, CD & DVD donations must be approved by the Library Committee before putting into inventory.

All suggestions are appreciated and will be considered regarding the Library’s growth and quality of materials. Although not a reference library, we do offer Biblical commentaries, dictionaries and many bible reference books.