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Ain’t God Good?
God is good church!!! So good that He regularly writes notes of encouragements on the hearts of His people. Pastor Kelly receives such notes from God and desires to pass the encouragement on to you through The Pastor’s Pen. We invite you to search for that special encouragement just for you as you read through these notes.
Church God is GREAT!!!

God Stands Ready to Bless You

by Cotton Kelly

God Stands Ready to Bless You   I recently preached a sermon on the bountiful blessings that God wants to entrich your life with.  I believe the outline of that sermon is worth placing on the website for all to see and keep us reminded that God wants to bless His children – daily, hourly, […]

Accepting “No” for an Answer

by Cotton Kelly

None of us necessary like to hear “No” for a response to our request. The word itself seems to send a negative reply. Our human desire is dismissed when we ask and reply is no. Jesus told us to ” ask and we shall receive”; thus, we tend to think that if we ask of […]