The Thanksgiving celebration has passed (I hope not forgotten) and the annual celebration of our Saviour’s birth is in just a few days. As I reflect on both these days of Christian celebration, I am somewhat grieved that they are highlighted by just a couple days out of our calendar year.

We should be continually “thankful” for the coming of the Baby Jesus, who was Emmanuel (God with us), that came to show us how to love, how to live and how to become a believer in Him. We should offer “thanksgiving” daily for His life, death, burial and resurrection that brings eternal life to all of us who believe.

We should celebrate everyday of our life the fact that we have the opportunity to live for and serve a Living Christ…not a vain, worthless idol made of mans hand. A Christ who knows us, hears us and responds to us individually!

I encourage you throughout this Christmas season and during all the year 2017 to celebrate Thanksgiving & Christmas everyday of your life.

From the Kelly household and the staff of Grace Baptist Church, Merry Christmas and Peace in 2017.

Pastor c