God Stands Ready to Bless You
I recently preached a sermon on the bountiful blessings that God wants to entrich your life with.  I believe the outline of that sermon is worth placing on the website for all to see and keep us reminded that God wants to bless His children – daily, hourly, every moment of our lives.
Please review and consider these few points about Blessings from God as you encounter the walk of everyday life:
Blessings defined:
The favor of God upon a particular person, organization, or nation.
Words of grace expressed before or after a meal.
The opposite of blessed is cursed.
Consider this:  blessings are the supernatural power on ones life that come from God reflecting His favor &  protection on that life.
Blessings for Believers

Text:  Numbers 6:22 – 27
1-The Basics of Blessings
The only Agent of blessings is God.  “All good things come from God, from heaven” James 1:17
God has a desire to bless His children (believers) and their children (refer back to the text in Numbers).
Blessings come in all shapes & sizes – often recognized, often not – often taken for granted.
Blessings received by God’s children are to be shared.
2 – Barriers to Blessings
The only barrier to blessings that I could identify is YOU!
Your “heart condition”/attitude that derives your behavior.
God cannot bless one of His children who are harboring any sin in their life.  He is a Holy God and His face cannot look at or shine down upon a life that has unforgiving sin blocking the blessings He wants to give believers.
God blesses “obedient” children – the best way to gain His favor and His shining countenance is by living a life of obedience.
The Devil may assist you in blocking God’s blessings; however God promises that He will not permit us to be tempted beyond what He knows you can bear.
God only blesses believers – those who have not accepted Christ as their Savior may receive some temporary happiness here on earth, but not the eternal  blessings of God. 
3-The Bountiful Blessings of God
God has desired to bless His children since creation.  In Genesis chapter 1 we read “God blessed them (Adam & Eve) and told them, be fruitful and multiple”.  On over in Genesis 5:2 – “He made them male & female and blessed them”. 
We continue to read about the bountiful blessing from God on Abraham’s life; Genesis chapter 12 – “I will bless you and bless those who bless you…and curse those who curse you.  Your seed (descendants) shall be greater than the sands of the sea”.
“God blessed Noah & his sons.”  Genesis chapter 9
Jesus’ first sermon (Sermon on the mount) in Matthew chapter 5 was a series on blessings referred to as the Be attitudes – blessed are those who – poor in spirit, mourn, are meek, are pure at heart, are merciful.  Notice the action on our part!
The Psalmist David wrote in the 23 Psalm, “…..my cup runneth over”, thanking God for His bountiful blessings.
Jesus said in John chapter r10, “I have come that they (anyone who has accepted Christ as their personal Savior) may have life and have it more abundantly”; blessed to the fullest extent, beyond measure, your cup running over with the bountiful blessing from God!!
Look back at the test in Numbers, verse 25 & 26 with joyful hearts knowing that God wants to bless His children that brings grace & peace.
Would you like to receive a full measure of God’s bountiful blessings starting right now?  If so, consider:
….The basics of blessings – the only Agent of eternal blessings is God Himself.
…Remove those barriers that block Gods blessings.  If you don’t believe in His Son as your only way to get those “eternal” blessings”, I would be glad to tell you how simple and easy it is to know Him in a personal way!  If you have already become a believer, make sure that you aren’t harboring any unconfessed sin in your life and become an obedient child of the Father.
…Once you have addressed the two  points above, now get ready for blessings to “pour out from heaven like that of a never ending water pitcher”, bringing grace, joy and peace to your life that “surpasses all understanding”.
Yes, God stands ready to bless you – are you ready to receive His bountiful blessings?
I hope these words and related Scripture bring encouragement, comfort and blessings to your life.
Pastor C