None of us necessary like to hear “No” for a response to our request.

The word itself seems to send a negative reply. Our human desire is

dismissed when we ask and reply is no.

Jesus told us to ” ask and we shall receive”; thus, we tend to think that

if we ask of Him anything at all, we will get it. However, we forget that we

must ask in His will and accept the fact that He knows what is best for us.

A negative reply from God is most often not understood by many Christians.

Let’s consider some early Biblical stalwarts that received negative replies

from the Lord that ended to their best interest:

  •  Abraham prayed that God would make Ishmael become the son of promise

and inherit his legacy, but God said no. God determined a line of decendants through

the boy Isaac was better.

  •  David earnestly prayed to build the temple for the glory of God, but God said no.

He had a better idea in mind; David was to plan the project and his son Solomon was

to do his building work.

  •  Jonah prayed to die, but God said no. He had something better- for Jonah to

learn the lesson of compassion and write it down in a book so others could learn this

same valuable lesson.

  • Paul prayed earnestly that God would remove the ” thorn from his side”, but God said no.He had something better for Paul…. He wanted Paul to discover the fact that God’s grace is sufficient.


  • Jesus prayed earnestly that God would remove this cup of His forthcoming suffering

from him; but God said no. He had something better in mind for us- that though

Christ’s suffering, death & resurrection, mankind would have a way of forgiveness

of sin.

So as you offer you many requests to the Lord, understand that He knows what’s

best for us and that a no response may mean He has something better planned

for us.


God is Good.

Pastor Cotton